Kumar Residence

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 12:18 pm

This project, nestled in the hills of Belmont, is an 1100 square foot addition and remodel of an existing 1950′s mid-century modern ranch house that needed updating, and more living, entertaining, and bedroom space.  The homeowners enjoy entertaining guests.  Their new home- a  4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath 3,000 square foot residence- provides the space and elegance they wanted.There are thousands of ranch houses with a similar floor plan from this era built all over California (although few have as spectacular a view as this one) and many owners desire to update them to their needs and today’s standards and amenities.  There are two main ways updating these types of ranch houses:  Either the house can be extended in the existing mid-century style, taking clues from masters of the era such as F.L. Wright, or the house can be transformed into a modern, contemporary residence.  For the Kumar Residence, we chose the latter approach.  Matthias and Florian of Zeitgeist Design are both originally from Germany, and their European sensibilities run throughout the clean, modern project- from the energy-efficient windows and doors to the metal facade that wraps around the entire structure.The Kumar residence is situated on an outcrop in a loose group of homes of different construction dates clustered around a cul-de sac. This relaxed suburban fabric is the perfect place for a contemporary building that is a break from the typical residence in the city.  This is certainly a home that can’t be overlooked, and the bold design is a striking addition to the neighborhood of 1950’s homes.The facade and roof is entirely clad in pre-weathered zinc panels, the existing overhangs are trimmed off to create the look of a faceted jewel. The coolness of the metal is complemented by warm, European-crafted wood windows and doors.  A rich red-brown stain was selected that emphasizes the warmth of the material.  The traditional roof lines in the existing part become a dynamic modern roof over the addition that fills the house with light.  The existing low pitch roof was lifted up to 17 feet at the east side like a giant wing, thus opening the new living and kitchen area with a large span ceiling towards impressive panoramic views over the unobstructed outcrop.The interior space of the home offers loft-style living in a single-family residence. Large sliding doors open to the deck overlooking the bay, and the dramatic roofline defines the kitchen, living and entertaining areas.

Upon entering the house the visitor is greeted with a stunning panorama across the San Francisco Bay.  The house really offers loft-style living in a single family residence.
Large fixed windows and a lift-slide door by Zola windows lead to the deck overlooking the expansive bay view.  High visual transmittance glazing (80%) allows for clear views and true color rendition while double pane high-performance European IGUs offer superior thermal insulation from heat loss and excessive solar gain as well as acoustic protection.

IMG_6858 Before
ian_umeda_photo-zola_windows-3454 After